Event Rules

Skills Competition and Training

​The Keystone State Motorcycle Skills Safety Seminar and Competition is a public service event to promote motorcycle safety and the benefits of motorcycle training. Police Motor Officers are at the forefront and are often considered the icon of a skilled motorcycle operator. However, with training and practice civilian riders can also reach the same level of skill and mastery in an effort to produce safer motorcycle riders on the road. 



Competition is open to: 

1. Police Officers (active or prior)
2. Civilian Novice or Expert 

Registration and Release

1. Registration fee will be $85.00 per competitor/ $45 per police competitor.
2. All competitors shall sign a Release / Waiver of Liability form prior to practice or competition.
3. All competitors shall have motorcycle insurance. Government agencies will be considered self-insured.

Rules Committee

1. A Rules Committee will be established to settle all disputes that cannot be settled at the Judges level.

2. All decisions of the Rules Committee are final.

3. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will be decided by the Committee members

4. However, no one on the Rules Committee will be from a department/group that is involved in the dispute.

5. The Chairman of the Rules Committee will preside over the committee unless his or her agency/group is involved in the dispute. In that case, the Vice Chairman will be the Chairman.

6. All questions submitted to the Rules Committee shall be discussed and put to a vote by the committee.

7. Majority vote rules.

8. The Committee members of the agency or group involved in the dispute may participate in any discussion but shall not have a vote.

9. In the event of a tie vote, The Committee Chairman shall not cast a second vote to break the tie, and the dispute or proposal upon which the tie occurs shall be referred back to the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge’s decision is final.



1.  A Chief Judge will be appointed, whose duties will consist of the following: Official Score Keeper, Supervise Judges,  Mediate scoring disputes
2. If any rider disagrees with his/her score, then he/she must notify the Chief Judge immediately. If the Chief Judge is unable to settle the dispute, then the matter will be referred to the Rules Committee.

Rules and Regulations

1. Riders must attend MANDATORY Riders meeting as scheduled before the competition each day. Failure to attend can result in disqualification of the rider from the competition.

2. Riders must compete on a motorcycle of at least 1000 cc’s that is equipped in the normal deployment configuration as delivered from the factory. Original equipment saddlebags, saddlebag  guards, lights, engine guards, steering stops, ABS system and windshields must be present, unmodified and functional on the motorcycle. Lowers and mirrors may be removed from a motorcycle if so equipped. Exceptions to policy must be requested and approved from the KSMS event staff prior to the event. 

3. Riders’ placement in the Expert (Civilian or LE) may be changed based on the riders’ ability. The rider may be moved from chosen class, based on lack of population or on the recommendation of the KSMS staff or the rules committee.

4. Riders must wear a properly fastened D.O.T. approved helmet, full-length pants and over the ankle shoes. Gloves and long sleeve shirts are suggested while on the course. This also includes the practice day.

5. No rider shall enter the course or challenge pattern prior to attending a safety briefing and signing a liability waiver. This includes the practice day on Thursday.

6. Attach numbers to the headlight, fairing, or windshield in an area easily visible for the judges. 

7. The wristband must be in place in order to enter the competition area unless escorted by a member of the KSMS staff.

8. Riders are responsible for maintenance and repairs of their own equipment. Should a rider experience and unexpected malfunction he/she will be allowed 15 minutes to repair or replace a motorcycle and continue participation. (Riding order may be altered if necessary).  Once a rider starts an event, excuses for breakdowns will not be permitted.

9. Any person(s) injured shall immediately report the incident to KSMS staff. 

10. All competitors will display sportsmanship-like behavior at all times.

11. Anyone who displays or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct as determined by the competition committee may be disqualified from the competition. 

12. Unless previously communicated, to be eligible to win the competitor MUST compete both Friday and Saturday.

13. As safety is of paramount concern, all riders moving from one area to the next must do so at idle speed or not more than 5 miles per hour as appropriate or risk disqualification from the event.